I am a Customer Experience Architect focused on bringing simplicity and empathy to the design process.

Understanding your Customer

The key to User-Centered Design is understanding your customers. Both qualitative and quantitative research are imperative to making good and effective design decisions. I have experience with ethnographic-based research as well as focus groups, usability testing, and contextual inquiry among many other design research methods that can be used to gain insights into the customer's mental models and behaviors and address their needs. 

 Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Modeling the Experience

Once you understand your customer, their desires, goals and needs you can begin to craft the foundation of the experience. I'm well versed in developing personas and scenario design, as well as building mental and task models that reflect and model the customer's experience of a product or service. These maps serve as blueprints for guiding designers and developers in creation of the interaction strategy.


 Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Building for engagement

It is only when the customer starts to interact with your product or service that you begin to see it "live".  Launching a great product takes collaboration with cross-functional teams with business, engineering and design working to gather requirements, define strategy, create wireframes and prototypes that can be iterated rapidly to bring a final release to completion. I'm a committed evangelist of bringing the best talent and feedback to the process of user-centered design in pursuit of elegant, simple and effective product design.