Social Money

Reconciling financial obligations between people can prove to be an tricky ordeal not only logistically, but emotionally.

SettleUp was an innovative incubator application developed in 2008 in the Wells Fargo Labs. As the Product Designer, I shepherded the project from inception to release. It was an online social money service that allowed people to split costs for events.  By analyzing research I connected themes that resonated with our customers when interviewed about the process of paying up front, determining splits, tracking records and the real reluctance around follow up and frustration while waiting for late payments. 

The small design and development team defined a working model through building a Axure prototype and working in Agile sprints. The final visual design, branding and copy were applied as we neared the release date. 

Wells Fargo garnered a great deal of positive sentiment and feedback from customers who used this service. It mitigated the pain points of reticence around repeated reminders for collecting money, did the math for you and kept your contacts and friends close by for repeat events. 







Knowledge Sharing

Making best practices and documentation engaging can be a challenge. As the Product Manager for the Front End Developer Center of Excellence, I worked with an outside vendor to develop a platform that would encourage deep and broad learning. 

The web application provides an easy access to a filtered search. It engages learners with gamification incentives. Most importantly it provides integration with Confluence for keeping content updated automatically.