Born to understand. 

George embodies all that a team could hope for in a design partner. Simply put, a true collaborator with an uncanny ability to marry industry and leading technology trends with customer needs and expectations; delivering interaction designs that are not only future thinking, optimal, but implementable. Not only does George bring the deep domain expertise in information architecture and interaction design, he is a pleasure to partner with – consummately service-oriented to his ever demanding business partners, yet never compromising on the quality of the designs nor allowing us to forget who we are ultimately working for – our customers. It is hard to overstate how critical his mobile design leadership was to the effort we partnered on. The design work of George and his team were the anchor and framework that facilitated the vetting of new business concepts as well as a new technology stack in support of multi-channel and multi-device applications.

Without a doubt, his innovative spirit, design strategy and leadership are key in pushing Wells Fargo to explore the boundaries of the ever-evolving mobile space. I highly recommend George to anyone who is looking for thought leadership and a strategic vision on mobile design and experiences. He will undoubtedly exceed your expectations!
— Mai Leduc, Payments at Square
George has a true gift for quickly identifying technology trends and intuitively foreseeing the future impacts to social behavior. I have always been impressed by George’s appetite for exploring new devices and technology and for the creative ways he incorporates them into his personal and professional life. As a leader of the WF Mobile design team, he has continually pushed for a strategic and scalable strategy for growing the platform into an outstanding mobile user experience. A keen designer, George has advocated for a “mobilize, not miniaturize” design strategy, creating truly optimized mobile experiences. George is a thought leader who brings strategy, vision, and design thinking to bear on any initiative he undertakes and is a great asset to his team and Wells Fargo.
— Pamela Whitney Walshe, VP, AnswerLab
George is extremely good at what he does. He’s able to pay attention to both detail and the big, strategic picture. He sees things others don’t, great analytical mind and extremely creative.
— Ed Terpening, Industry Analyst at Altimeter Group
I’ve worked with George in two contexts. I consulted to his group at Wells Fargo on a series of web projects, working closely with him and his team. I also asked George to produce a video ethnography for me about social gaming, that was presented at the Game Developers Conference.

In both contexts, George was a person with a strong and grounded creative vision who always went the extra mile on his projects. His passion and energy are a pleasure to behold, and I never worried that he didn’t ‘get’ the right way to approach what we were doing together. George is one of those rare individuals who can both have a vision of the future, and figure out how to get there, motivating others to join in.
— Katherine Isbister, Full Professor UC Santa Cruz