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Creating a Mobile Channel


There are advantages to creating software from scratch, especially today. You can take advantage of modern frameworks, services oriented architecture and the semantic web. It's a challenge to envision how to take a online property built in 1995 and bring it a voracious mobile audience. 

I was the Customer Experience Architect selected to marshall this effort along with a small team of business leaders and engineers. I set the direction by providing the team with Design Principles (below).

Integrating mobile preferences into online, marketing the mobile web app with demos, redesigning the branding, and introducing the linqua franca for the entire SMS banking texting platform, I directly designed or managed every digital touch point for the emerging mobile channel through 2006-2012. 

During the course of building the channel our team constructed robust Standards and Guidelines, Branding Styleguides, as well as building out features and functionality such as Brokerage, P2P, Bill Pay, and Mobile Check Deposit.

Leading with Frameworks

 Multi-channel Analysis

It's all about frameworks and responsive design today for Front End Development. Wells Fargo has a robust suite of applications that serve their Wholesale customers. 

As the Program Manager for the Front End Development team, I was integral to a massive redesign effort to bring new processes in creating and harnessing an enterprise framework to standardize design elements, increase accessibility and separation presentation from content. 

With tight schedules and a parallel track for creating the framework  and building out the applications with a cross functional team of designers, business leaders and research teams, we relied on agile methodologies to maintain alignment between targeted releases and future roadmap objectives. 




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